OMG! Difference

We are a protein extract outfit.

OMG! Difference

Our competitors (domestically and globally) are different from us because:

  • They spray-dry their proteins so they provide less protein per gram. This is because their powders lose from 30-50% protein by the time they are consumed due to moisture loss while ours lose next to nothing because we have our patented processes which reduce protein loss by almost 95% compared to the market spray-dried proteins. This means our label and our protein content match up. So you pay for the protein.
  • The above fact, by default, makes us the most affordable nutrition per gram. So you end up paying just for the protein with us not for the bulky packaging. Let’s prove this through some simple math.
Protein X (Cheapest 80% Whey Protein Supplement in the Market): Rs. 2000/kilo
– 23g per 30g serving. Standard Deviation: 40% Actual Serving: 23 x 0.6= 14.2g
Whey Alpha (OMG! 80% nutrition additive): Rs 2700/kilo
– 24g per 30g serving. Standard Deviation: 2-4% Actual Serving: 24 x 0.95* = 22.8g
So if you translate these figures into a Kilo of Protein.
– Protein X: Servings in a kilo: 1000/30 = 33 1/3 Therefore Protein in a Kilo: 33 1/3 x 14.2 = 473 1/3 grams of protein per kilo.
– Whey Alpha: Servings in a kilo: 1000/30 = 33 1/3 Therefore Protein in a Kilo: 33 1/3 x 22.8 = 760 grams of protein.
So for a 700 Rupees (35%) increase in price you get 286 2/3 grams (60%) increase in protein content.

All of these claims are backed up neutral, government and private lab reports collected and attested from across the world. All of these can be seen in our LOVE FOR OMG! page. So stop penny-pinching like a loser and start bench-pressing like a champion. 0.95 was used as our maximum deviation limit to show how even if OMG! is pushed to the extremes or contains even one outlying product, it will still pound-for-pound be the most affordable, efficient and purest protein out there.
  • They are not soluble in most soluble liquids like us. Hence, we are competing as an organic protein complement, not a supplement. Protein Dals and Protein Rasams are a distinct reality. Have a healthier tomorrow. Protein Dosas anyone?
  • They are not organic. Nobody uses/partners with completely organic farms. Our farms/partners are transparent about their farming practices. We are completely transparent about our relationship with them to the extent where we give OMG! loyalists the chance to visit our facilities and our partner farms every year.
  • All our dairy is grass-fed and all our soy is unfermented and non-GMO. We are the only multi-national brand scaling not just our in-house technology to produce more efficient proteins but also, primarily source a better variety of purer protein sources. Grass-fed dairy is better for the world and for you. Better quality of fat and more Omega-3 while our soy has none of the oestrogen funny business because chemicals don\’t come near it and they are processed separately from the rest of the products to create the purest form of Soy available in the market.
  • They contain umpteen different ingredients which can potentially harm your body in myriad different ways. Ours is just nature’s goodness concentrated. None of our products contain more than three ingredients. Even if they do, a closer look will let you know that they are all natural ingredients no funny nature-identical ingredients or chemical nasties.
  • Our packaging is unique that it preserves not just the flavour and texture but the protein content for the entirety of the protein’s shelf life. There will be no denaturisation or decomposition of the protein.
  • We plan to create a whole vertical chain of good farming practices, good nutraceutical manufacturing and a great quality product to the customer. So we need your help. We will with your loyalty become the first Indian firm to go through the complete value-chain of nutraceutical manufacturing from farming to packing.
  • Lastly and most importantly, we give away 4% of our “total earning” to promote sustainable and transparent organic farming. We don’t indulge in that corporate CSR malarkey about giving away profits. We know very well that profits can be hidden or worse not made at all so nobody gains anything. We are so devoted to the cause that we just want to give a decent chunk of our earnings so come rain or sun the farmers can smile.
  • Creating a trustworthy and cool British-Indian nutrition brand is our current proposition. In turn, if we can also get India more active and off their arses that is another priority sorted.

Let’s create a healthier, leaner, fitter and stronger India.

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