OMG! Prevents. Let's make prevention sexy. Our whole world as we know it today is built by preventers who with previous knowledge come to conclusions to protect our current state. These include legislators, doctors, policeman who never get recognised for their efforts. Our race and some of our values strike me as unfair. A central banker who prevents a recession gets less recognition than a showboater at the start of a recovery who the media picks up as a good news story. We remember presidents and tyrants disguised as kings who won a war (for good) than similar monarchs who avoided it. Avoidance is barely accepted never mind recognised.

Ultimately nobody wants to be a weekend problem but they want to matter over the weekday. What i did needs to matter. Every protein player right now is just getting away by exploiting price and labour arbitrage. I am not discounting the skill or work ethic of traders but they are ultimately just leveraging geography while i want to be the harbinger and create value through knowledge not merely exploit imperfect markets.