We are a protein extract outfit


With OMG! practice healthy. be better. live better. mentally stronger, physically superior, spiritually higher souls.

"Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness." - Our Founder

What matters to you?

Health (Protein is the building block to fitness and a better body)

Wealth (Healthy body, Healthy Mind)

Family (have family fitness weekends, army fitness workouts)

Emotional stability (protein and our mental well-being products are likely to bring out a positive mental and spiritual balance)

A better source of protein is key, Hence OMG!

We will innovate. We will go forward forever as explorers not conquerors. We are not guerrilla marketers, we are maverick innovators.

"Practice thought, create action. practice action, create habit. practice habit, create character. practice character, create destiny."

We have merged the depths of creativity and marketing savvy to engineer the packaging of OMG! the inside consists of nature's bountiful generosity bound by tradition mixed with our cutting edge technology.