Diwali Gift Box
PRICE: $ 112.5
Our industry leading products at an affordable price.

This Diwali, don't treat your loved ones to sugar and diabetes but to a longer life of health, wealth and fitness. Our Diwali gift box comes with our signature Whey Alpha, our flagship Whey Lite, our sustainable new age Vegan Protein Company and the food of the future Meal of Champions. You get to taste and sample our cutting edge nutrition and meal replacement products all in one go for a price that equals your monthly spend in your neighbourhood gym. Contents: 1 kg - Whey Alpha (Any Flavour) 1 kg - Whey Lite (Any Flavour) 1 kg - Vegan Protein Company (Any Flavour) 10 x 100g - Meal of Champions (Any Flavour) T-shirt and Shaker All bundled within our incredibly good looking box that we know you can reuse since its recyclable and compostable. Let's change Diwali gifting forever. Take the brave new step to a better health and a better future. This offer is only until the 30th of October 2022
Whey Alpha - 95% organic whey protein isolate Whey Lite - 60% organic whey protein concentrate with fibre and fruit Vegan Protein Company - 85% organic plant based protein isolate with curcuma Meal of Champions - Multi-fibre high protein meal replacement made from organics Dri-fit high tension T-shirt made especially for OMG and our patented shaker


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$ 13.5 - $ 30
Creaplus is for the athletes who want to push it to the next level. Just try the OMG! advance.
$ 27 - $ 81
Meal of Champions is for the square pegs in the round holes. Just become a champion already.
$ 12 - $ 60
Whey Alpha is not just for the fitness freaks. It is for anybody with an active lifestyle to stay in shape. Our Whey is derived from grass-fed dairy so it is better for you and the environment. Just try the OMG! difference.
$ 7.5 - $ 75
It is our patented filtered whey which can be given to anyone who wants to meet the basic protein requirement in a day. It has 60% protein in it.
$ 7.5 - $ 37.5
Ready-to-mix vegan protein powder blend made with Pea Protein Isolate, Rice Protein Isolate and Moringa Protein Isolate. It comes in Chocolate/Vanilla flavour and finished with a natural Stevia sweetener.
$ 60
Get Whey Alpha & Creaplus just at Rs. 4000
$ 60
Get both Whey Alpha & Vegan Protein Company for Rs. 4000