no-GMO, no-sweetener, no gluten, no preservative, no unfermented soy, no additives, no corn-fed/grain-fed protein.


OMG! Extreme. We are creating daybreak classes with yoga, mixed martial arts, army workouts, caffeine, massages and partying. You can learn more about how to become the extremely productive, completely fit mc-awesome man you always wanted to be. We will teach you extreme wakeup, productivity hacks, memory methods to balance with your existing lifestyle. Who said you can have the cake but you can't eat it.. We will flip the day on its head, putting a fun and energetic experience ahead of meetings or chores on the calendar.

We are here to disrupt. Whey Alpha will disrupt the traditional stance of male fitness and create a generation of better men. Whey Lite will universally help your whole family eat healthier and add a little protein goodness to your everyday meals. Soy Alpha will change women's nutrition as we know it. Creatine is nurtured from the wisdom of the umpteen hipster hunks/hunkesses we worked with to create the ultimate muscle hack. Meal of Champions will change how you look at meals and nutrition forever.

We have disrupted the supplement market and still am. We are under fire because we are making waves in the food and beverage market. People don't like new but change is good and it is the only constant. Welcome to OMG! Hack and Proteas (The OMG hot drink segment). We will forever endeavour to hack our foods and become better. We will forever be the prayers of farmers and the darling of the previously struggling agriculture sector.

We will create useful merchandise not fillers for your house. We will make you life simpler by providing you functional bags, bottles and lifestyle products for you to keep living the spartan way. We are creating our subscription programme OMG! Baba. We are not creating macho maniacs. We are creating hipster hunks.

Provide anybody the chance to take a peek at our cutting edge formulations and our ability to transparently scale organicity to a chemical lusting industry.

Provide corporates the chance to redeem themselves by providing corporate champion sessions where we break the mould of traditional corporate retreats and conventions.

We already partner with gyms and corporates to create fitness solutions so we are creating a wellness iq platform to have wealthier employees so that the corporate fat cats do not drive their employees to death.

We will set up up India's first micro-filtration unit for proteins and provide a high-quality protein additive to the rurally protein deficient India in a 'low income state'.

Our process is already machine-less, providing jobs for artisan farmers. We will hopefully be providing more organic farmers jobs and livelihoods. If you do not know already we do not use any preservatives, aspartames, additives or GMOs.