OMG! is all about concentrating Nature's Goodness. Our product is protein complements not supplements due to their high solubility and optimised bio-availability, mainly Whey and Soy (working on cost-effective and compliant Pea and Hemp proteins). All of them are specially derived from our patented formulations. Through our manufacturing process, we have been able to reduce metallic contamination to less than quarter of the most stringent government benchmarks worldwide. Our supplements have been rigorously tested and as organically sourced as possible in the current world organic agricultural ecosystem. Most importantly, we will be the only nutrition manufacturers in the world who do not use any GMO or Aspartame in our products.

The problem right now is there are no good domestic manufacturers of protein and a lot of the whey/soy produced is just discarded as a byproduct in the production of fermented milk products. Both of these factors along with the present market being overwhelmingly controlled by imported brands who have no understanding of how to make a sustainable, effective protein leads to a huge gap in the market. This problem is compounded by the unofficial gym/trainer mafia who take a commission from protein manufacturers for pushing a certain product to their gym clients, regardless of their fitness goals.

The traditional Indian diet is not programmed to provide a healthy amount of protein which can be used to replenish the muscles. Never mind, a post-gym diet our diet contains the bare minimum to scrape through an active day, especially a vegetarian diet. If you throw in the inconvenience and hassle of cooking, OMG!'s natural products seem like a heaven-send. Most never see the gains after months of work at the gym or after months of cutting carbs to reduce fat. It is not about the workout but it is because 'ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN'.

OMG addresses this by initially creating awareness of not just our products but of proteins and will also endeavour to provide you with the necessary dietary, motivational and workout wisdom. In terms of the product, our solution is over the next three years we can look at the first wholly Indian made organic ( 'you can meet the cow which produced the whey, Organic'), less contaminated and universally edible range of protein products.