We are simply a bunch of people (fitness experts, dieticians, trainers, farmers and bio-technologists) trying to create a better protein source.


"OMG! comprehensively enhances your life experience. It will decisively change your life. The OMG! experience will let your environment communicate with you and it will be the start of your renewed life journey. We don't intend on miniaturizing technology but enhancing its capabilities. Hence, we don't use GMO because we don't think it is innovative but merely convenient scalability. We are tweaking organicity to create stronger, faster, better-evolved humans. 

This product is a necessity for our era. It is a product of its times. We don't use anything I personally don't understand. None of our products have more than 3 ingredients and even the ones that do all only have natural ingredients, no chemical nasties."

We want you to push. Motivation is one thing. Motivation is an emotion. It is temporal. Discipline is key. Take your OMG and get cracking. Our OMG! difference and our higher protein content will unleash the superhuman inside you.

It's not about the summer beach body, not about the six-pack, not about your lean muscle gain and not even about your damn protein needs. OMG! is all about purity, efficiency, and simply better living. Become Superhuman now. Push.

Our Soy: Unfermented Soy. Part of Asian culture and health for centuries. Not bad for anyone. I use it. My mum uses it. My grandmother uses it. My great-grandmother used it before she passed away, (in a car accident). Do your research from credible sources and eat your heart out. 

We are approved and attested by various government and private labs and research centers across the world. We have garnered a lot of affection and commendations from the fitness, nutrition, healthcare and the organic food and beverages world. We are regularly tested and the results are online for everybody to see. Transparency is key.

Whey Alpha for the male ones, Whey Lite for all, Soy Alpha for the female ones, Creatine for the athletes and the Meal for Champions. This is not a rule of thumb so buy whatever you want and experiment until you become an OMG! Baba.

Last verse: OMG! Babas love being kickass and healthy. They are just better at this life thing. OMG! Babas hopefully also love OMG! too