We are a protein extract outfit


What is OMG! Labs Doing?

OMG! Labs does radical research on how to combine god-given nature and in-house biotechnology to create a super cool core of products. We intend to keep innovating on these core products. We developed a method of protein synthesis and storage which gives us a really unfair advantage over others on how we manufacture our nutrition.

How do we make our proteins?

We use a variety of methods from cross flow micro-filtration to clay/graphene ultra-filtration. Depending on the product, we use little to no machinery. No GMOs, No preservatives, Well you get the point. We are essentially concentrating nature's goodness.

Where are our products available?

Online. We will provide more information on our other retailers when we have compiled a comprehensive list.

How is OMG! different to the market?

A) Highly soluble, soluble in more or less everything.

B) Transparency. We allow you to visit our farms, our lean manufacturing plants and completely get to grips with our psyche and how we are attempting to change the way nutrition is farmed, processed and packed.

C) Freeze dried. More protein per gram. Trust us. Take it to your nearest lab with another product and if we fail to beat another concentrate in the absorbable protein game we will give you your money back.

D) No metallic contamination. Fewer ingredients, Better you.

E) No chemical nasties. Just get it into your big fat head. We are pure nature being concentrated.

F) Organic. Grass-fed Dairy and Unfermented Soy. We produce stuff we eat, our parents eat and even our grandmothers eat.

G) We are cooler. We are health nuts, book-worms, hipsters and all-round genuine blokes/girls.

What is Pay-for-Protein?

A) You pay for the amount of protein in your product as opposed to the bulky packaging or useless bulking agents. Take the example below. Get ready for some simple math.

Protein X (Cheapest 80% Whey Protein Supplement in the Market): Rs. 2000/kilo

23g per 30g serving. Standard Deviation: 40% Actual Serving: 23 x 0.6= 14.2g

Whey Alpha (OMG! 80% nutrition additive): Rs 2700/kilo

24g per 30g serving. Standard Deviation: 2-4% Actual Serving: 24 x 0.95* = 22.8g

B) So if you translate these figures into a Kilo of Protein.

Protein X: Servings in a kilo: 1000/30 = 33 1/3 Therefore Protein in a Kilo: 33 1/3 x 14.2 = 473 1/3 grams of protein per kilo

Whey Alpha: Servings in a kilo: 1000/30 = 33 1/3 Therefore Protein in a Kilo: 33 1/3 x 22.8 = 760 grams of protein

So for a 700 Rupees (35%) increase in price you get 286 2/3 grams (60%) increase in protein content.

Where does OMG! go from here?

Creating and reinventing food. Looking at how we can be better, stronger, fitter human beings. Reach superhuman status.

Where is the OMG! Core 5 made?

We started off as a British organic biotechnology firm creating and sourcing from in and around Europe. We still get our Whey from the Germany and the Netherlands. However, we are working to educate and employ sustainable farming techniques among Indian farmers to create a lean, agile puppy chain. We want to extend to manufacturing India's first micro-filtered advanced Whey. At present, they are produced in Germany, UK and India. In the future, your OMG! Labs products will be exclusively manufactured in and shipped from India. We produce in NSF certified GMP FDA Registered and Inspected Facilities.

Our facilities comply with all Food and Drug Administration regulations for the manufacturing of our supplements. All materials are individually tested and our own patented methods ensure that they are free from metallic contamination. The end product is also individually inspected and tasted to pass our own rigorous quality control and assurance processes and procedures. Guaranteeing the quality and safety of every granule of OMG! is integral to the vision and the transparency which the company is built on.