About OMG!

We are a protein extract outfit.

About OMG

OMG! Labs was a British-Indian firm started by our founder. That's all you need to know. All he wanted to do in life is be healthy and be good. It infuriated him to see dogshit products with shady practices being peddled as protein supplement and as life-enhancing god-awesome mcfood everywhere. So he founded a small organic collective to create good, wholesome foods to be consumed in a convenient, millennial fashion. OMG! is still a small, friendly firm. During this journey, he reached back to a bunch of his mega-brainy biotechnologist friends and pitched the idea of making transparent, organic, cutting-edge nutrition and they said 'yes' so was borne OMG!.

Our founder mission is quite simple, to develop proteins and produce them organically. We would not create stuff which we would not use ourselves. Our office is just a bunch of bio-tech/eco-fitness/organic farming geeks in the disguise of pseudo-attractive hunks.

A percentage of OMG! profits goes to promotion and education about sustainable organic farming practices and soft loans towards creating organic farms all over the developing world. Now, it merges its in-house cutting edge protein technology with the organic farming to create kickass, badass proteins.

The childishly named OMG! Labs has spent all its infant years to create sustainable formulations for your body and source it the right way. Refer to www.my-omg.com on the scores of research documents, commendations and approvals we have garnered over our lifetime.

If you are looking for organic Halal Protein Powder. OMG! Labs is the right choice.